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Doctrine and Duty - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 3
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1 Peter 1:13-22
Aug 10, 2014 am - I hate the Los Angeles Dodgers. I hate noisy restaurants. I hate mild salsa. I hate elevator music. I hate long hair on old men. I hate belly shirts on women who don't have the belly for them. There are a great many hateful things in the world, but I'm not sure there's any I hate more than Hypercalvinism. I hate Hypercalvinism because it takes two of the Bible's most precious doctrines and puts them to a vile use. The two doctrines are the Sovereignty of God and Salvation by Grace Alone. These high truths warm every Christian's heart and encourage us to live lives of sincere and fervent holiness. In the brains and mouths of Hypercalvinists, however, believing in God's sovereignty and salvation by grace alone makes Christian duty unnecessary if not dangerous. You see, to their way of thinking, 'trying to obey God' is a form of 'trying to save yourself by your good works'. And since no one can do the latter, the preacher had better be careful in calling us to the former. This is why I hate Hypercalvinism: because it allows doctrine to negate duty, and turns the commands of the New Testament into indicatives, things people do if they're saved, not things we ought to do if we're ... More >>>

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