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What We Have--and Why - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 2
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1 Peter 1:3-12
Aug 03, 2014 am - I've been called some bad things in life, but the one that hurts me most is ingrate. The name stings me--not because it does not apply to me--but because it does. I don't know anyone the Lord has been better to, or anyone who is less mindful and thankful for His goodness. I know He's the source of all goodness, and that I ought to thank Him all day every day, but I don't thank Him all day every day. I only give thanks occasionally, and when I do, it is rarely from the heart. O that men would praise the Lord for all His goodness; for all His wonderful works to the children of men! This is how I ought to live my life, but I don't live this way. Because, you see, I'm an ingrate. If you feel the same way about yourself that I do about myself, you need to change, and I believe you want to change from the sullen person that you are to the joyful and thankful person you ought to be. How do we get there from here? There are two paths: the wrong one and the right one. The wrong path is the one most often chosen: it's the path of Law and condemnation. You go over the Bible verses commanding you to be thankful and you loathe yourself for not doing what they say. But 'loathing yourself' is ... More >>>

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