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Why and How to Love Others - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 4
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1 Peter 1:22-2:3
Aug 17, 2014 am - Several years ago, I attended a debate at the University of California, Davis. The question before the house that night was, 'Does God exist?' Affirming His existence was a Presbyterian minister, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, and denying it was Edward Tabash, an attorney with the ACLU. The debate was pretty dull, I thought, because the opponents were so unevenly matched. Bahnsen clobbered him, and I don't say that because I agree with Bahnsen, but because I was there. In the words of the Howard Cosell, it was-- No contest! The atheist could do nothing that night but recycle old, tired arguments, arguments that were decisively answered centuries ago. Boring. No other way to describe that debate. Until the end. After all the arguments were presented and and responded to, Tabash closed the meeting by telling the audience to-- Love one another, because that's all we've got. As the son of a carpenter, the first word I thought of was...skyhook! After two solid hours of telling us there is no God, no law of God, no accountability to God, and we're nothing more than molecules in motion, Edward Tabash tried to hang a Christian duty on a hook he said wasn't there. The hook was there, of course, because ... More >>>

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