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Hindrances - by Michael Phillips
Studies in Assurance - Part 6
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1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Aug 17, 2014 pm - With God's blessing, we will continue our afternoon study of Assurance or how you can know that you belong to Christ now and will go to Heaven when you die. I don't need to stress the importance of knowing this, do I? If you have struggled with Assurance, you know it's one of the most confusing, painful and discouraging experiences of your life. If you haven't struggled with it--thank God, first of all!--but then talk to people who have--or read the Puritans--and you'll know what a favor it is to know you are-- Safe in the arms of Jesus. Up to now, we've spent most of our time on the Doctrine of Assurance, the Biblical reasons we can and ought to know we're saved. But now, we'll take a more practical look into the matter, exploring some of the things that hinder believers from gaining full assurance--and what to do about them. I wrote out a long list of the Hindrances. Here's some of them, starting with the most common and important of them all. IGNORANCE OF THE GOSPEL A great many Christians fail to know the love of God for them because they're ignorant of the Gospel. This sounds wrong-headed, doesn't it? A Christian is--by definition--a believer of the Gospel, and believing the ... More >>>

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