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Submission is Good, Part II - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 8
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1 Peter 3:1-7
Oct 12, 2014 am - If you think the Bible is a conservative book, you ought to read it! By definition, a conservative is happy about the way things are and wants to keep them that way. Liberals, on the other hand, are less happy about the way things are, and want to reform slowly reform them. Only the radical has the vision--and the guts--to say, 'Everything needs changing!' and the change required is so great than no army or political party, magazine, newspaper, cable network, or blogger can produce it! Only God can set things right, because only He can effect what we all need, a New Birth, a New Creation, a Resurrection from the Dead! The Church is not called to tinker with the world, but, to-- Turn the world upside down. As one of the first leaders of the Church, this was Peter's calling, and nowhere does he do it more effectively than in the middle part of his First Epistle. From 2:13 to 3:7, he emphasizes and repeatedly tells us what we won't hear anywhere else: Submission is Good. It is good for a citizen to submit to the civil authorities; it is good for an employee to submit to the boss; it is good for a wife to submit to her husband. In all three examples, Peter uses the word, 'submit'. ... More >>>

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