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How to Break the Ice - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 9
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1 Peter 3:8-17
Oct 19, 2014 am - For most people, the hardest part of a conversation is starting it. I well remember sitting by the rotary telephone, back in the 1970's, trembling in fear at the prospect of calling a girl. Once she said, 'Hello', I was fine, but getting to 'Hello' was another thing altogether. For me, the hardest part of a conversation is starting it. And I'm not alone. Many people feel this way, in fact, most people. If it's hard to start any kind of conversation, it's even harder to start the kind Peter has in mind in our text. In v.15, he tells us to speak up for Christ, to tell our neighbors what the Lord has done for us, and what He'll do for them. Repeating the command he himself received from Jesus, Peter wants us to be His witnesses. No part of witnessing is easy, but for many of us, the hardest part is starting. How do we do this? How do we do this? When I was in college, I remember a young man wearing a harness and carrying a twelve foot pole, on the top of which was a flag saying, 'Jesus saves'. Believe me, that was a conversation starter, and I still admire the man's boldness. Even back then I knew this kind of witnessing was not for me! I'm not against such things, but I don't think ... More >>>

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