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The Word and Creation - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2013 - Part 2 of 5
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John 1:3-5
Dec 08, 2013 am - Today is the Second Sunday in Advent, and a fitting time to remember that the Christmas Story is true, that in a real time and real place, the One True God became a real Man to save us from our sin and misery. If this seems hard to believe in the 21st Century, it was no easier to accept in the 1st Century. Unlike most people today, the Ancients were 'open to miracles', but they were not expecting them any more than we are, and skeptics then, as now, found ways to deny them or explain them away. Some miracles are easier to falsify than others, of course, and when they are, most people laugh at themselves for being so naive and forget them. This has not happened with the miracles in John's Gospel. Of course, some deny them all, but after 2,000 years of careful investigation, thought, prayer, and discussion, millions of people worldwide believe in the miracles, and more than 'believe' in the casual sense, they stake their lives on them. When you think about it, this widespread and devoutly held belief is very hard to explain. If it were a recent thing, we'd remember that 'beliefs' like hemlines are often a matter of fashion. What's believed today was not believed yesterday and won't ... More >>>

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