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The Word and John - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2013 - Part 3 of 5
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John 1:6-8
Dec 15, 2013 am - Today is the Third Sunday of Advent, and Christians all over the world are meeting to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. By any standard, the Incarnation of God is a great story; even people who don't believe it is true wish it were--and are deeply moved by it. After attending a midnight mass some years ago, a wistful Englishman wrote in his diary-- There is no record in the world like this record. If it were really true, there would be no unsolved secret to elude mankind century after century. But what informed man can now believe that the heavens opened and the star appeared? The legends are gone and with them, the faith is also gone. No compromise can arrest it. Modern man walks unguided through a bleak world, struggling convulsively until he finds a foothold in some new faith. The Christian story can only fill him with nostalgia for a loveliness irretrievably lost'. In a lifetime of reading, this is one of the saddest quotes I've ever come across--a man who wishes God became Man--but knows He didn't. How different the world would be if people like this educated man could see through the miasma of sophisticated unbelief and join the simple shepherds in-- Glorifying ... More >>>

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