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The Word At Home - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2013 - Part 4 of 5
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John 1:9-14
Dec 22, 2013 am - Today is the Fourth Sunday of Advent, with Christians from all over the world gathering to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The story of His birth is well known to people who read their Bibles, and to a great many of them who don't. The Christmas Story has worked its way into our culture, and for all their efforts, the PC Police have not yet erased it from our memory. The main points of the Story are these: (1) an angel appeared to a young virgin, saying she would soon have a Son and that Son would be the Son of God; (2) her fiance, assuming she was pregnant by some other man, planned to divorce her, but was let in on the secret by the same angel, and the two were wed; (3) a few months later,, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that all the world would be taxed, and had to pay it in their hometown; (4) the young couple traveled from their present home in Nazareth to Bethlehem, where all the hotels were booked, and so (5) she gave birth to her Son in a stable or barn where a manger was used for the baby's first crib; (6) that night, a Heavenly Host celebrated His birth and (7) told the shepherds to go into town and pay tribute to the newborn king... (8) which they did, ... More >>>

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