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Beware of the Scribes! - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 80 of 94
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Luke 20:45-47
Nov 23, 2003 am - Beware the Scribes! Thirty years ago, Harvard professor Daniel Patrick Moynihan was nominated for the Senate from New York. At his victory party, he read a telegram from the Republican candidate, James Buckley. Buckley congratulated the Professor, challenged the Professor to a debate, and promised a fair campaign against the Professor. "Professor, Professor, Professor-cried Moynihan-"the mudslinging has already begun!" Americans have never put much stock in learning. Our heroes are the wealthy, the strong, and the beautiful. Thus people like Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, and Brittney Spears are far better known than our leading thinkers. Who are the top scholars of today? What men are on the cutting edge in medicine or history or physics or theology? We know the most popular authors, but who are the good writers? Who are the poets? What painters are turning out original work nowadays? We don't know. Because we don't value learning (except as a way to make money). The culture our Lord grew up in was far removed from our own. It prized learning-especially learning the Word of God. The publicans were the richest men in Israel, but their money bought them no respect. It was learning that ... More >>>

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