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Our Example - by Michael Phillips
Studies in the Incarnation - Part 4 of 4
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Philippians 2:5-11
Nov 30, 2014 pm - Why did God become a man? Most people, of course, don't believe God became a man, but those who do will almost always answer the question in one of two ways. Some people believe God became a man to set an example for us, to show us, by His life and teaching, what it means to be godly, 'human' in the fullest sense of the word. Others believe He joined the human race to redeem us to God by His death on the Cross. Which answer is right? They both are, and we must always remember that. Theological Liberals are wrong when they ignore or even deny His atoning death, but Conservatives are also wrong when they so emphasize His death, that His example fades into the background. His Saving Work on the Cross is central to the Bible's message, but His example is also there, and occupies an important place. In fact, the two go together as cause and effect. The death of Christ freed us from the guilt and bondage of sin so that we might become followers of Christ. This is the topic we'll take up today as we continue our Sunday afternoon series called Studies in the Incarnation. Our text is Philippians 2:5-11, a passage that covers a good deal of what we've already studied, and I won't labor the ... More >>>

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