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The Benedicta - by Michael Phillips
Songs of Salvation - Part 1
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Luke 1:39-45
Dec 07, 2014 am - When we come together on Sunday morning, nothing is more discouraging to me than a lackluster song service. By 'lackluster' I don't mean singing off-key, singing off-tune, or singing off-time: I mean singing as through we're not redeemed. If you read the Bible, you'll see that the saving acts of God always produce a song in the hearts of His people. You hear the song, first, an the Exodus. For many years, the children of Israel had suffered under the last of Pharaoh's cruelty. All this time, the prayed and pleaded and begged the Lord to save them, but the got no answer from Heaven. Until they did. When God remembered His people, He broke Pharaoh's pride and feed them from their bondage by parting the Red Sea, and when the got to the other side, by bringing down the water on their enemies. When the Israelites saw the floating bodies the next morning, they didn't shriek, they didn't gloat, and they didn't thank their lucky stars. What they did is sing: first the men under the direction of Moses, then the women taking their cue from Miriam. This was a Song of Deliverance, a hymn so decisive in the history of Israel that it's still sung--in synagogues, in churches, Heaven. ... More >>>

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