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Magnificat - by Michael Phillips
Songs of Salvation - Part 2
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Luke 1:46-55
Dec 14, 2014 am - Several years ago, a man asked me over to talk about the church. He had attended the previous Sunday, and he liked the service, but there was one thing he wanted to know: Do you support missions to Israel? I told him we know a missionary in Tel Aviv, and that we've given him two or three donations, but, no, we don't regularly support any missionary to Israel or to the Jewish people in general. In that case, I've got to tell you: your church is unscriptural, because the Bible says the Gospel should go to the Jew first and then to the Gentile. The man was exceptionally intelligent and well-versed in the Bible, but he made the classic mistake of confusing the descriptive parts of the Bible with the prescriptive. In other words, taking 'what happened' for 'what ought to happen'. Romans 1:16 is the verse he referred to, of course, but there's no 'ought' or 'should' in the verse. It has nothing to do with what we ought to happen, but only what did happen. If you check the historical record, you'll see that the Gospel went to-- The Jew first and then to the Gentile. This means the first believers in Christ were Jewish; the first preachers of Christ were Jewish; and the first Christian ... More >>>

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