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Undershepherds - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 15
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1 Peter 5:1-4
Dec 14, 2014 pm - is one of the key words in Peter's first Epistle. He cites the example of Christ several times, and urges us to follow Him, to be the humble and submissive person that He was when He lived among us. No one has or can live up to His standards, of course, but we ought to do our do our best, to be as Christlike as we can be, especially in the area of submitting ourselves to God's glory and the good of His people. The word 'submission' simply means to 'come under' somebody, to put his or her needs above your own, as Paul says-- To esteem others better than yourself. In developing his theme, Peter applies it to several relationships: (a) our relationship to God occupies the first place, but also (b) the citizen's relationship to the civil powers, (c) the servant's to his master, and then, (d) the wife to her husband. In every case, Peter uses the same word: 'be submissive', come under God's unlimited authority, and the narrower authority of king, master, or husband. The duty must be very important to Peter because, having left it for the most part, at the end of Chapter 3, he picks it up again in Chapter 5, applying it to younger people submitting to their elders (v.5a) and, ... More >>>

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