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The Benedictus - by Michael Phillips
Songs of Salvation - Part 3
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Luke 1:67-79
Dec 21, 2014 am - Three men walk into a bar: a minister, a priest, and a rabbi... Without saying another word, you all know what kind of story I'm going to tell: It's a joke, highlighting the differences between Protestant, Catholic, and Jew. You know it's a joke because that's how jokes begin. Here's another example: Once upon a time. What kind of story is sure to follow? A fairy tale, of course, because that's the way a fairy tale begins. The Bible is not a joke or a fairy tale, of course, but its authors employ the storytelling conventions of the day; they signal to their readers what kind of story they're going to tell. Today's New Testament lesson is one of the Bible's most common and recognizable story lines. It's the story of a woman unable to bear children. The story is first told way back in Genesis where an aged couple--Abraham and Sarah--are promised a son, a son in whom-- All the families of the earth would be blessed. The fulfillment of that promise was a long time in coming, but come it did because God is incapable of failing or going back on His Word-- The counsel of the Lord stands forever; the thoughts of His heart to all generations. The same story occurs in the Book of Judges, ... More >>>

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