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The Gloria - by Michael Phillips
Songs of Salvation - Part 4
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Luke 2:14
Dec 28, 2014 am - Here's something you may not know about the Garden of Eden: It was not only a garden, it was also a Temple, the place where Heaven and Earth met, and where God and His Image Bearer walked together in the cool of the day. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they were barred from the Temple, and I'm of the opinion that it went up to Heaven, tucked away in God's world until its time to come to earth again. Whether my theory is true or not, one thing is sure: the harmony between Heaven and Earth was disrupted. Adam, Eve, and their offspring became the enemies of God and God became their Judge, meting out the punishment they had coming. This state of affairs lasted a very long time; for centuries there was little or no interaction with Heaven. Oh, Nimrod tried to remake the connection, but doing it on his own proud and self-willed terms led the tragedy that was Babel. He not only failed to restore the harmony between Heaven and Earth, but lost what harmony there was on Earth, as God confounded the languages of men, driving them away from each other, and turning the world into a scattering of armed, suspicious, and hostile camps. In His justice, God might have let history ... More >>>

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