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Living in Light of the Second Coming - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 50 of 94
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Luke 12:35-48
Mar 02, 2003 am - If you knew that Jesus Christ would return at 11:30 tonight, how would you spend the next twelve hours? Some of you would spend that time pleading for mercy. You're nice people and somewhat religious, but your sins are not forgiven and you know it. You want to be saved, but not now; you'd like to go to heaven when you die, but you've got plenty of time for that. But if you knew the Lord was coming for you tonight, you'd pray with a fervor and a humility you've never felt before. Like the publican in the story, you'd spend the rest of this day beating your breast and crying out, "God, be merciful to me-a sinner". Most of you are believers, of course, but you've still got issues. Maybe you would spend your last twelve hours apologizing to people you've done wrong. Or forgiving people who have hurt you. Or paying off an overdue bill. Or witnessing to someone you've been scared to speak to in the past. All of us, I suspect, would spend more than our customary time in praying and reading the Bible. And I wonder if anyone would turn on the TV this afternoon if he knew the Lord was coming back tonight? This is what today's sermon is about; it's about the Second Coming of Christ and how ... More >>>

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