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Nunc Dimittis - by Michael Phillips
Songs of Salvation - Part 5
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Luke 2:22-35
Jan 04, 2015 am - Did you go Christmas caroling this year? When I was a boy, many Christians caroled this time of year, but now, hardly any do. We had carolers every year back then, but now? I can't remember the last time any came by the house, and this is a real shame, because--if anything in the world deserves to be sung about, it's the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. People sometimes tell me, 'You're living in the past', and there's truth in what they say. The Bible forbids this, but I have a very hard time complying with it. Solomon wrote-- Do not say the former days were better than these, But, in some ways, they were. Christmas caroling is one of the ways. I think we ought to revive the lost art, and if we do, we'll be following an old and honored tradition, dating back to the first Christmas, the day Jesus was born, a few months before that day, and forty days after. The first ones to hear of His birth sang in celebration, and we'd do well to join them. How many songs were sung to Him and by whom, we cannot say because the Bible does not provide a complete telling of any part of His life, including the first part. What we can say, however, is this: Christ's coming was sung by at ... More >>>

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