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Submission to Elders - by Michael Phillips
1 Peter - Part 16
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1 Peter 5:5a
Dec 28, 2014 pm - Today, with God's blessing, we will move on in our study of 1 Peter. I began the series four months ago in the morning services, but because of the Advent Season, I moved it to the afternoon. Over the next two or three weeks, we'll finish it, Lord willing. Whatever you have forgotten about 1 Peter, I hope you remember this: 'Submission' is its key word. Several times, Peter refers to Christ as the model of devout submission, and then he tells us to follow His example in our various callings as a citizen, an employee, a spouse, a pastor, and now, in 5:5, as a church member. In vv.1-4 of the chapter Peter addresses 'elders' which, in this context, means 'pastors'. Though he doesn't tell pastors to 'submit to their churches' in so many words, that's very much what he means. He wants us to put the welfare of the church above our own wishes; in other words, he wants us to submit personal desires to the needs of the flock. To make it plain: He wants us to-- Shepherd the flock of God... ...Not ignore it, use it for personal gain, or get a kick out of pushing the sheep around. This is where Peter leaves us, with pastors, pouring out their hearts in service to the church. Because of their ... More >>>

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