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The Greatness of the Word - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2013 - Part 5 of 5
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John 1:15-18
Dec 29, 2013 am - How do you judge the Presidency of Barak Obama? I'm not looking for the evaluation itself, but on how you came to it. A great many people judge the President on partisan grounds only. If you belong to his party, he's doing a good job, if you don't, he's not. No one is entirely above this kind of thinking, of course, but deep down, we all know it's an unfair way of judging him. Other people base their assessment on the opinion polls: if he has a 72% approval rating, he's a success; if he's at 27%, he's a failure. This, it seems to me, is only a little better than the first way, and certainly not the best way to do it. A third way of judging him was suggested by Ronald Reagan in his debate with President Carter in 1980: Are you better off today than you were four years ago?, suggesting that, if you are, the President is doing well; if you're not, he's doing poorly. This standard of judgment seems better than the first two, but the sample is too small to carry much weight. After all, while he is your president, he's not your personal president--he's got other things to think about than you. A fourth way of doing it is to hold him up against the Word of God, against what the Bible ... More >>>

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