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Predestination - by Michael Phillips
The Doctrine of Salvation - Part 2
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Romans 8:29
Jun 14, 2015 pm - This afternoon, as the Lord provides, we will move on in our study of Soteriology or the Doctrine of Salvation. The human experience of salvation begins when a sinner repents and puts his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Until that time, the sinner is lost, as lost and under the wrath of God as anyone else. The salvation experience begins at conversion-and not a second before. But the plan of salvation was drawn up and guaranteed long before anyone believes, in fact, before anyone or anything exists. The Plan of Salvation is not what sinners must do to find God, but what God did to find sinners. The first thing He did was to choose-choose to save, yes, He did that; choose to save in Christ and by faith, He did that too. But here, I mean something more: The Bible teaches that God chose particular sinners to save, and this is why any sinner is saved, because God chose him! 'Election' is the technical word for His choice. God chooses the Elect, and His choice cannot be frustrated. As the hymn says- Not one of all the chosen race, but shall to heaven attain, Partake on earth the purposed grace, And then with Jesus reign. Election is eternal and makes eternal life certain, but it is ... More >>>

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