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Haydee's Verse - by Michael Phillips
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Isaiah 41:10
Jun 28, 2015 am - Last week, I attended the funeral of Haydee Calderon, a close and longtime friend of my wife. Several people spoke at the service, describing Mrs. Calderon from various angles, as a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, and so on, and as an educated woman of high intelligence, of rare candor, and a good sense of humor. But whatever else they said about her, the thing every one of them mentioned was her singular devotion to Jesus Christ. She was the kind of woman who prayed for her friends, family and fellow church members by name every night, often staying up into the wee hours of the morning to do it. She read the Bible daily with great care; she never missed a church service; she visited the sick; she took in people who had no place to live; and she boldly witnessed for Jesus Christ everywhere she went, striking up conversations and handing out tracts without embarrassment or apology. Several people testified that, if hadn't been for Haydee Calderon, they would have never known the Lord. This was the kind of woman she was, and the Apostle Paul says that this kind of person is a gift of God to the church so that we might- Notice those who walk this way because we have them ... More >>>

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