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Effectual Call - by Michael Phillips
The Doctrine of Salvation - Part 3
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Romans 8:28-30
Jul 12, 2015 pm - This afternoon, with God's blessing, we'll move on in our study of the Doctrine of Salvation. Our salvation begins outside of time. Before God made the world, He chose to save us and planned our lives in such a way to be sure we will be saved. These two eternal acts are called Election and Predestination. They are the bedrock on which our salvation is built. But, if God chose to save us in eternity, He did not save us in eternity. Some Christians believe He did, but the clear teaching of Scripture is against them on this point. In eternity, God wills to save us, but we are not saved until we pass from death to life or from a state of condemnation into a state of justification. We are given eternal life, but the eternal life we are given comes to us in time. THE MEANING This aspect of our salvation begins with what theologians have named The Effectual Call. This term is not as well known as it should be, so let me spend a few minutes explaining the words themselves. The more important word is Call. The Bible teaches that we are a called people. But it also uses the word in more ways than one. For example: The prophets and Apostles were called men. Amos was a farmer whom God called ... More >>>

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