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Jehovah - by Michael Phillips
The Names of God - Part 2
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Isaiah 12:2
Jan 24, 2016 pm - Today brings us to the second sermon in our afternoon series on the Names of God. For most of us, names have very little meaning. The parents who named me 'Michael' could have as well named me 'Robert', and that-I suspect-would have had very little effect on my character or my destiny. Bible names, on the other hand, are often very significant. When Jesus re-named Simon, Peter, the act remade the man and fitted him for his high calling. If this is true for Peter, for Abraham, Jacob, and other men, it goes double for God. Men name the gods, but only God names God. By calling giving Himself various names, He not only distinguishes Himself from the gods of Egypt, Canaan, Babylon, and so on, but also reveals something about Himself, something Israel needed to know; something we need to know. Last time, we looked at the name, El, and its variations, Elohim, Elohah, El-Shaddai, and so on. These names emphasize God's power, and in particular, His power in pushing back chaos and establishing order. Israel needed to know of His power, and so do we. There is great comfort in this name to everyone in need. To the most trusted friend or family member, the most we can ask is, 'If you can help ... More >>>

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