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Sanctification - by Michael Phillips
The Doctrine of Salvation - Part 9
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1 Peter 1:15
Sep 20, 2015 pm - If any verse in the Bible undercuts our pride and self-sufficiency, 1 Peter 1:15 has got to be that verse. The Apostle grew up in Second Temple Judaism, where 'holiness' largely consisted of outward things, things like wearing phylacteries around your head, widening the hem of your garments, praying long prayers in public, washing your hands, pots and pans in a special way, and dumping large amounts of money in the Temple Treasury. These were the priorities of Pharisaism, which was, until the coming of Christ, the Gold Standard of holiness in Israel. With the coming of our Lord, however, the human standards of holiness were exposed as the cheap and empty things they were. Jesus cared nothing for outward cleanness, but demanded something much harder to come by: inward purity. The longer He preached, the deeper and wider His demands became. To Him, being 'decent or nice or religious' was not enough. Borrowing from His Royal Ancestor, He demanded- Truth in the inner parts. In other words, real, genuine, authentic holiness of body and soul. He didn't make up this ideal of His own, but got it from the Sacred Scriptures, the writings His own Spirit inspired and the Law by which He ... More >>>

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