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How to Look at It - by Michael Phillips
God is Sovereign - Part 1 of 7
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Daniel 4:35
Feb 14, 2016 pm - Today, with the Lord's blessing, we will begin a Sunday afternoon study called God is Sovereign. To affirm this in a Christian church seems unnecessary because, in fact, all Christians assume it is true and affirm it (in one way or another) every time they go to church. So why teach what we all already know and believe? The answer is: When we affirm the sovereignty of God, we're not all affirming the same thing. Not that we're lying when we do it, but Christians understand the term differently. One goal of this study, therefore, is to explain what the Sovereignty of God is, so that, in the words of Paul, we can- By common consent, confess the great mystery. Before we get to that, however, I ought to say a couple of preliminary things. TWO PRELIMINARY THESES In the first place, while the sovereignty of God remains a deep mystery, it has been sufficiently revealed in the Bible that we can understand it, at least to some degree. To say 'It's mysterious' is true, but to say 'Because it's mysterious, it cannot be known (or known to ordinary people)' is false. God has revealed His sovereignty, most fully and clearly in the Bible, but also in what's sometimes called, 'The Book of ... More >>>

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