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In Life and Death - by Michael Phillips
God is Sovereign - Part 2 of 7
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Job 1:21-22
Feb 21, 2016 pm - Last week, we began a short afternoon study called God is Sovereign. Its purpose is to both explain what the Bible teaches about His sovereignty, and encourage us to celebrate it-as the Lord's People have often done in earth and always do in Heaven! The Sovereignty of God is easy to define. When we say God is sovereign, we simply mean that He is in control of all things, as the Apostle says- Things in Heaven, things on earth, things under the earth. In the cosmology of the ancient world, this is every created thing there is, from insects to emperors, angels to dirt clods, the holiest saint and the worst sinner. Everything and everyone is under the Rule of God, willingly or not. This is what the Bible teaches, and it's not that hard to understand. What is hard, sometimes, is accepting the Sovereignty of God, especially when God acts in a way we wouldn't have, when His Will crosses our own. Last Sunday night, God exercised His sovereignty in a way I didn't want Him to, in a way that hurt the church, and broke many hearts. Last Sunday night, about the time I went to bed, a young man in the church died in his sleep. He was only thirty-one years old, and while he hadn't been feeling ... More >>>

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