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Non-Human Creation - by Michael Phillips
God is Sovereign - Part 3 of 7
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Psalm 148:1-14
Feb 28, 2016 pm - God is in control of all things. The Bible plainly teaches this, and while many Christians say they don't believe it, their actions belie their words every time they bow their heads to pray. In a lifetime of hearing other people pray, I have never heard anyone say, 'Lord, if you can do such-and-such, please do it'. All Christians know that there's nothing God cannot do if He wants to do it. This is another way of saying, 'God is in control of all things'. Or, as the title of this series has it, 'God is Sovereign'. To be 'sovereign' means 'to rule'-not to reign as a figurehead king-but to actually rule, to control, to have His way, not sometimes and in some place, but all the time in all places. This includes the human world, of course, and we'll get to that presently, but for today, we'll explore God's sovereignty over the non-human parts of His creation. If this sounds somewhat academic, believe me, it isn't. The world is full of superhuman powers, powers that can easily destroy you-either quietly, as cancer eats away at your pancreas, or with the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. Gravity kills people every day as they slip in the bathtub. Momentum kills people when their cars ... More >>>

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