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Christ and the Little Ones - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 68 of 94
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Luke 18:15-17
Aug 24, 2003 am - Today's story is one of the Bible's best known and most charming. If you've read the Gospels at all, you know it well. If you haven't, you've still got a pretty good idea of what it's about. Unless you're a senator! A few weeks ago, one of our senators attacked the President's domestic policy by saying it was "suffering the little children". As though suffer means to inflict pain on someone. In fact, it means to permit or to allow. The suffering in the story, therefore, is not about blood and guts, sweat and tears, screams and sighs, but about the Lord's love for children-of all ages! THE BRINGING The story begins with parents bringing their little ones to Jesus Christ. Mark uses the generic word, children, but Luke puts a finer point on it: he says they are infants. Thus, they haven't come for a glowing Gospel sermon or a stern lecture on obeying their parents! What they've come for is a blessing. The moms and dads want the Lord to touch their babies. Over the years, they have seen what His hands can do: they can cast out demons and heal the sick, even raising the dead is not beyond their power. And they want Him to lay His hands on their children and to offer a prayer on their ... More >>>

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