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Over Civil Rulers - by Michael Phillips
God is Sovereign - Part 4 of 7
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Romans 13:1
Mar 13, 2016 pm - All Christians believe in the sovereignty of God. Reformed or Calvinistic Christians believe in the sovereignty of God over everything, from ants to empire, the movement of planets to the exercise of human wills. God is in control of all things without exception. This is what the Reformed Faith affirms-and what the Bible teaches, Psalm 103:19- The Lord has prepared His throne in Heaven, And His Kingdom rules over all. Knowing this doesn't answer every question about the sovereignty of God, but it frames every question. A man once asked RC Sproul, 'If God is sovereign, how do you explain' something or other, and Sproul answered- Not if, but since God is sovereign. Dr. Sproul was right: God is sovereign over everyone, everything, everywhere, at all times. Since this is true, you'd think the people who affirm God's sovereignty would enjoy a peace of mind unlike any other people. This would be a fair inference, but it's not true. Calvinists are often the most worried of people. I myself am a worrier, mostly worried about my health, and other Calvinists worry about other things, from money to children, healthcare, and today's topic: Civil Governments. What a strange incongruity this ... More >>>

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