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Over the Reprobate - by Michael Phillips
God is Sovereign - Part 6 of 7
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Acts 4:27-28
Apr 10, 2016 pm - God is sovereign. The Bible plainly teaches this from cover to cover, and where it is not plainly taught, it is everywhere assumed. His sovereignty does not make Him 'the author of sin' or his creatures into 'robots' or 'puppets', but whether we can explain how they all fit together or not, we can be sure of this much: They do fit together! And we know they do because- The Bible tells me so. God is in control of all things, from the rotation of Pluto to the birth of puppies and everything else! There is not a speck in the universe of visible or invisible things in which His rule is excluded or minimized or anything less that total. God is sovereign, or as the Psalm says- The Lord reigns. Many people will accept the sovereignty of God as long as it's confined to non-human affairs-the rotation of Pluto, for example, or the birth of puppies. But when it intersects with human freedom, they take exception to His rule, sometimes politely, sometimes not. This is true when it comes the Elect or Christians. But it is doubly true when it comes to the Reprobate or non-Christians. The enemies of God are-by definition-rebelling against His rule, not doing what He wants them to do, and so it ... More >>>

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