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David's Lord--and Yours! - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 79 of 94
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Luke 20:41-44
Nov 16, 2003 am - David's Lord-and Yours! Turnabout is fair play. In the first forty verses of our chapter, the enemies of Christ have attacked Him with a series of questions. Their aim in asking them was not to find the truth, but to make a monkey out of the Lord. His answers, however, were so wise and cunning that it was they who went home swinging on vines to pick the bugs out of each other's fur! No one ever handled a Press Conference like the Lord Jesus Christ did. The public admired Him and even the men who were out to get Him couldn't help saying, "Teacher, You have spoken well!" The give-and-take of that day showed the Lord for what He was and is: a Wise Man even " greater than Solomon" At the end of the chapter, the tables are turned on the press corps. Now, the Man at the podium has a question for them. Since they're all fine Bible scholars, it ought to be a snap for them. Surely, the teachers of Israel can handle it with ease. Well, maybe. THE PREMISE He starts with a premise that every Bible-believing Jew accepts: Christ is David's son. The Messiah will be born into the family of David and will one day take the throne of His father, defeat the enemies of Israel, and rule the nation in ... More >>>

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