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How to Enjoy the Bible - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 119:162
Jul 31, 2016 pm - Do you enjoy the Bible? I presume you read it, believe it, and try to obey it, but do you enjoy it? When you read it at home, do you feel more blessed or burdened? When it's read in church, does your heart sing or slump? Do you enjoy the Bible? The saints have always enjoyed it. Our Psalmist, for example, Rejoiced in God's Word as one who finds great treasure. He wasn't alone. Others: Delight in the Law of the Lord. Esteem the Word of His mouth more than my necessary food. Find it sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. The Saints don't agree on everything, of course, but it's hard to imagine a Saint disliking the Word of God. And so, how is it with you? Do you enjoy the Bible? I suspect most of you would have to give a mixed answer. Sometimes you do enjoy the Bible; at other times, not so much. Why is this? Some of the enjoyment is directly tied to your walk with the Lord. You tend to enjoy the Bible a lot more when your conscience is clear; when it's not so clear, you don't enjoy the Bible. If this is your present condition, I urge you to confess your sins to the Lord right now and receive the Promised Mercy. Then go back to your Bibles tonight, and enjoy the Feast that it is! ... More >>>

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