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His Resurrection - by Michael Phillips
The Exaltation of Jesus Christ - Part 1 of 3
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Acts 13:13-41
Aug 16, 2003 am - exalt someone is to lift him up or to promote him to a place of honor. The promotion is often unexpected: Joseph, a slave and prisoner becomes the Prince of Egypt. David, a shepherd boy becomes the king of Israel. Mordecai, a condemned exile becomes the President of an Empire stretching from Ethiopia to India. Joseph, David, and Mordecai lived far apart in time and place, but they had two things in common: They were lowly men whom God raised to places of power. They used their power to save their people. Thus, their little stories are part of God's Big Story. What God did for these men of old (and others like them), He would do one more time! And this time, He would do it so perfectly, that there would be no need for Him to do it again! The lives of Joseph, David, Mordecai, Ruth, Esther, Amos, and others, are like the sketches an artist uses to plan his painting. The drawings are valuable themselves, but they don't serve themselves: they serve a higher end. Michaelangelo's best-known painting is on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Its best-known part is the Hands of God and Adam reaching out for each other. Magnificent! But before it was that, it was a pencil sketch on a ... More >>>

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