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Hindrances - by Michael Phillips
Personal Evangelism - Part 3 of 5
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Acts 4:20
Oct 08, 2017 pm - This afternoon brings us to part three in our study of Personal Evangelism. In the first two parts, I tried to lay out the basics: (1) what Personal Evangelism is, (2) who ought to be doing it, and (3) why. There are many good reasons for doing the work of Personal Evangelism, and I think we all more-or-less know what they are, and feel somewhat guilty about not doing much of it. This brings up the question: Why don't we? If Personal Evangelism is a clear commandment from Jesus Christ, and we've all got plenty of chances to do it, why aren't we doing it? Why aren't we witnessing every day, or even looking for the opportunities to witness? The obvious answer is: It's hard. But what makes it hard? Why are we so eager to obey other commandments and so reluctant to obey this one? For many of us, there's nothing harder than Personal Evangelism, and today-with God's blessing-I'm going to tell you why and what to do about it. Let's make no mistake about it: we ought to be doing something about it! In the words of Paul, we ought to be- Mortifying our members that are on the earth. .the things that keep our lamps well hidden under the bushel. And so, what are the Hindrances to Personal ... More >>>

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