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Bondage of the Will - by Michael Phillips
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Psalm 110:3a
Oct 29, 2017 pm - The day after tomorrow is not only Halloween, it is also the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Many have called the Reformation a tragic necessity, and I agree with their assessment. The Protestants did not intend to split the Church Universal, no less to create the thousands of denominations we have today, but to reform the whole church, and in particular, to bring its theology back to the Word of God, both written in the Bible and Incarnate in our Lord Jesus Christ. Their efforts failed, of course, because many things stood in their way, from the power of habit to the state of the Papacy to the cowardice of good men, but the thing that most hindered the Reformation was the Church's teaching on the human will, a teaching Catholics still believe-as do most Protestants of today, including the ones who are stridently anti-Catholic. It's funny to think that, every time a Baptist pastor gives an altar call, he is saying, 'the Pope was right!' The state of the human will is the topic of this year's Reformation Day Sermon; the title I borrowed from Martin Luther's immensely important, but little read book- The Bondage of the Will. The book was published in 1525 in ... More >>>

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