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The Warning Signs - by Michael Phillips
Against Backsliding - Part 7
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Proverbs 14:14
Mar 25, 2018 pm - What do the following things have in common? Fatigue, weight loss, blood in the stool, a persistent cough. You don't have to be a doctor to know these are early signs of cancer, and when acted upon quickly, the cancer can often be removed or effectively treated. This is what I did six years ago this week, and, as far as I know, I am still cancer-free. Early Detection, that's the key to surviving cancer. What's true of this physical sickness goes double for the spiritual disease of Backsliding. If you want to minimize its effects, you've got to catch it early! Backsliding cannot damn you to Hell, but it can do great damage to you, your family, your church, the world, and-worst of all-to the Reputation of God. If you're presently Backsliding, don't look for a convenient season to repent of it! Now is the accepted time! Now is the day of salvation! If you're going to repent of Backsliding as early as possible, you've got to know what the Warning Signs are, the things that are, in themselves, sinful, and that are sure to produce more and worse sins until they are checked by repentance and faith. And so, what are the Early (and obvious) Signs of Backsliding? I wish I had organized the ... More >>>

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