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Consequences to God - by Michael Phillips
Against Backsliding - Part 6
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Proverbs 14:14
Mar 11, 2018 pm - Today bring us to part six in our afternoon study Against Backsliding. Under the New Covenant, backsliding is a distinctly Christian sin, the sin of sliding back or cooling off or drifting away from our devotion to Christ. Backsliding is not only a Christian sin, but it's a universal Christian sin. Many disciples of Christ have never committed murder or adultery; some have never envied or been discontented; a few-maybe-have never even held a grudge, but no Christian can say he has never ever backslidden. We have all done this, time and time again. Because it's so common, we tend to think it can't be that bad. But it is that bad. When our Lord assessed some of His churches in Asia Minor, He severely chided two of them-Ephesus and Laodicea-for the sin of backsliding-which He-if not we-took very, very seriously. Why is backsliding so bad? Much can be said here, and some has been, but I haven't gotten to the heart of the matter just yet, and that's what I hope to do right now. The main reason backsliding is a very grave sin is because.It hurts God. IMPASSIBILITY When I say, 'backsliding hurts God', I have to speak advisedly. Because it brings us into the complicated, and now heated, ... More >>>

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