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Wait on the Lord - by Michael Phillips
Study in Matthew - Part 102
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Matthew 27:57-61
Feb 25, 2018 am - Because God does not play dice, I cannot believe that today's New Testament Lesson 'just happens' to fall on the day before we bury our beloved pastor's father, Mr. Warren Leonard, Sr. Providence has connected the two, and given us an insight into both funerals that we might not have seen had they been separated by a longer period of time. What's the passage about? One famous preacher sees it as fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 53, thus indentifying Jesus as the Suffering Servant of the Lord, the One who would bear- The iniquity of us all. The famous preacher is right, of course: our Lord's burial does fulfill that prophecy, but this is not the main thing Matthew wants us to 'get out of' the story. Others read it as a moral lesson. Joseph of Arimathea did not become a disciple of Christ on that day, he became a public disciple! Like Nicodemus and others, he was scared of what people would think of him, and so, he kept his faith in Christ far more private that it should have been. Most of us have followed the first part of his example better than the second. Like Joseph, we are secret disciples; we don't deny the Lord in public, but neither do we confess Him, not in 'mixed ... More >>>

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