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Consequences to Others - by Michael Phillips
Against Backsliding - Part 5
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Proverbs 14:14
Feb 25, 2018 pm - Today, we come to part five in our much-interrupted study Against Backsliding. If the interruptions have kept you from 'following the argument', I hope they have also given the Word of God time to sink down into your heart and mine. No sin is more common, harder to recognize in yourself and more hurtful to others than backsliding. Last time, we saw how backsliding hurts the backslider himself, whom the Proverb says- Will be filled with his own ways. Not God's ways, the ways that satisfy you and make you a blessing to others, but your own ways-my own ways!-the ways that can only end in misery. Now, we turn our focus away from the damage backsliders do themselves, to the hurts they inflict on other people. And make no mistake about it: backsliding always hurts other people! Especially the people we love. THE FACT At times, even the most careful preacher overstates his case for effect. He makes a bold announcement and leaves out the nuances, the exceptions, and so on. I have not done that today. Every backsliders hurts other people, even when his backsliding is solely 'between the ears'. Here, a couple of verses in the New Testament come to mind, Galatians 5:9 and Hebrews 12:15. In ... More >>>

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