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Christ Our Passover - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 83 of 94
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Luke 22:1-23
Dec 14, 2003 am - THE SETTING-PASSOVER The Passover Meal was the most sacred event in the life of God's People. From the outside, it seemed an ordinary dinner-though a bit fancier than usual. From the inside, it was anything but. In one meal of roast lamb, bitter herbs, unleavened bread, and red wine, the devout Jew saw the whole history of Israel and the eternal purpose of God. Passover looked back to what God had done for His People. Long ago, a family went into Egypt as the honored guests of the king. They did well in the land for a time, until a new king arose who didn't know the family and forgot that one of its member had his kingdom. The proud king hated the family and made them his slaves. When they protested, he increased their load and beat the work out of them. When their numbers got too great, he threw their babies into the River. The family cried to God-and for many years-He did not answer them. But His heart was always moved by their misery and in His own good time, He sent a man to save them. The man confronted the evil king, but was turned away time and again. He called down the powers of nature on the king, but the king's heart only grew harder. Finally, God had had enough of the ... More >>>

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