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Blest Be the Tie - by Michael Phillips
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2 John 1-13
Nov 04, 2018 am - The Ecumenical Movement was a good idea doomed to failure. Its idea was to unite the People of God, so as to promote mutual love and the cause of missions worldwide. I cannot see how any Christian could find fault with these goals, or not-deep down-wish the Ecumenical Movement had worked. Of course it didn't work and the reason for its failure is not hard to find. From the beginning, its basis or grounds for unity was the wrong one. What was the basis? It's most famous slogan puts it well- Doctrine divides; service unites. If we can only ignore Christian Truth in favor of Christian service, God will be glorified, the Church will be edified, and the world will be evangelized. Many fine people were-and still are-involved in the Ecumenical Movement, and I would not deny their good motives. But I have to say their slogan has got it backwards. The people of God are not united by our common service (as good as that is), but by our Common Faith. Hair splitting on Eschatology divides; fine points of Church Government divide, but our Faith-our core doctrine, our central beliefs are what put us together in the first place, and what holds us together. This Unity of Truth, supported by ... More >>>

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