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The Goodness (Part 1) - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 7
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Psalm 18:30
Nov 04, 2018 pm - Here's a question you may not have thought about: Are the doctrine and reality of Hell good things? Off the top of your head, you're sure to say no, of course, they're not good things! If our Lord Jesus wept over people on their way there, who are we to say, 'Hell is a good thing'? The very question smacks of a serious lack of thought and no compassion at all. But, still, it's a question that needs answering. Before we get to the answers, let's be sure we know what the question is. THE QUESTION If we say, 'The doctrine and reality of Hell' means we're happy (or just don't care) that people are going to Hell, then the answer is no: they're not good things. They're also not good in the sense of being enjoyable for us to think about or pleasant to talk about. In these sense, Hell is a very bad thing-the worst thing of all. But, I don't mean anything of these things. What I do mean is this: Is the reality of Hell consistent with the goodness of God? And, Is the doctrine of Hell good for both saints and sinners? To these questions, I answer with an emphatic: Yes. The Reality of Hell glorifies God and the doctrine of Hell is a blessing to both the Church and those outside of it. In ... More >>>

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