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The Goodness (Part 2) - by Michael Phillips
Doctrine of Hell - Part 8
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Psalm 18:30
Nov 25, 2018 pm - In our last afternoon study, I took up the indefensible work of defending the Goodness of Hell. No decent person could be happy that people are going to Hell, and when they get there, they're going to stay there forever. I am not happy about this; the weeping Savior was not happy about this; and God Himself has never taken- Pleasure in the death of the wicked, but [always prefers] them to turn and live. What I mean is simply this: Hell is no blot on God's character and, when preached, it promotes the welfare of both saints and sinners. This is what I mean by the Goodness of Hell. We mustn't apologize for Hell or think less of God for it. For Hell, like all the ways of God, is- Perfect. THE REVIEW Last time, we saw that Hell is Good because it makes God look good. Hell is not a demonstration of His cruelty or injustice, but, rather of God's (1) holiness, (2) justice, (3) power, and (4) compassion. The first three are obvious, but the fourth is a bit trickier. But, tricky or not, it's true. God shows His compassion on the suffering peoples of the world by calling their oppressors to account. Hell means Hitler and Stalin and Mao and the other haters of mankind did not get away with ... More >>>

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