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The Surpassing Greatness of the Word - by Michael Phillips
Advent 2018 - Part 5
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1 John 1:1-18
Dec 30, 2018 am - The human race can be divided into two, airtight, compartments: those who can tell a joke, and those who can't. The people who cannot tell a joke always fail for one of two reasons. Either: (1) they have no punch line, or, if they do, (2) they say it too soon. More than anything else, jokes depend on timing; they have to build tension, and the punch line relieves the tension, but only if it's used at the end. Put it anywhere else-no matter how funny it've got no joke. The Prologue of John's Gospel is no joke, but like good jokes, it has its punch line in the right place, at the end. Thus, whatever has been said already, was said so that we might stagger and wonder, worship, and believe, what he says at the end. What John says, here at the end of his Prologue, is that Word of God, by which he means, Jesus Christ, is more precious than everything else, even the most wonderful gifts of God. The message of the Prologue, therefore, its punch line is a lesson no human life is long enough to fully learn: Christ is the best thing we can have, and in having Him, we have it all. And then some. When this lesson is learned, we're going to give up our idols, or, at least, we're ... More >>>

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