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Servant of the Gospel, Servant of the Church - by Michael Phillips
Colossians - Part 5
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Colossians 1:24-2:3
Jun 02, 2019 am - Colossians and Ephesians are usually thought of as 'Twin Epistles', and properly so because they touch on many of the same issues, and in some cases, in nearly the same words. If these two are twins, Colossians and Galatians might be called 'cousins', for they also similar matters of the gravest danger to the churches of that time, our time, and every time. What is it? False teaching. In the churches of Galatia, heretics were making salvation depend on both the Law of Moses and the Gospel of Christ. As a devout Jew, Paul, of course, knew and admired and loved the Law, but he would not allow it to become a co-savior with Christ. Because the teaching there had made real headway in the churches, Paul vehemently attacked it, calling the Galatians 'fools' for believing it, wondering if they had been 'bewitched' and so on. Galatians is Paul at his most worried and angry. He's also worried about the saints in Colossae, but not to the same degree. There was false teaching there, too, but and it was affecting the church, but not much, not yet. And so, he writes to them in a gentler spirit-just as firm against heresy as ever, but softer on the people who were, it seems, just starting to ... More >>>

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