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Knowledge of God - by Michael Phillips
A String of Pearls - Part 3 of 14
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1 Corinthians 13:12
Nov 12, 2003 pm - In June of 1657, Mrs. Mary Blake of London, England, died and went to heaven. A day or two later, her pastor and many other friends gathered at a church to remember the dear lady, to mourn their loss of her, and to rejoice in her present and permanent happiness. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord; to leave the sorrows of this life is to enter a joy unspeakable and full of glory. Her pastor's name was Thomas Brooks, a famous Puritan preacher and author. The sermon he preached in Mary's honor was called A String of Pearls or the Best Things Reserved Till Last. The comparison is an apt one: if a single pearl is lovely and valuable, how much more a string of pearls? And if the Lord gave us one gift when we die, that would be wonderful, but what if He gave us a long string of gifts? That would be even better! And that's what He does when we die. The blessings we have in this life are many and fine, but the blessings we will have the next life will be even more and better. For the people left behind, death is an awful thing; it's a piercing pain in the soul and an emptiness I can't find the words to describe. That's what death does to the living. But death is not ... More >>>

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