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Joy in Heaven - by Michael Phillips
A String of Pearls - Part 5 of 14
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1 Peter 1:8
Dec 03, 2003 pm - Joy Tonight, with the Lord's blessing, we return to the Puritan study we began a few weeks ago; it's called A String of Pearls by Thomas Brooks. The small book was first a very long sermon, preached at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Blake. The subtitle explains the sermon and why it was preached at the passing of a dear lady. It is The Best Things Reserved Till Last. If Mrs. Blake had God's rare blessings in this life, she had even more and better ones in the life to come. To the Christian, nothing good is ever lost, but every good he has now is improved on when he meets the Lord in death. I may have chosen my words poorly, for the believer does not meet the Lord in death-he meets Him in life! This is what the Puritan sermon is about: the blessings we have when we quit this life for the life to come. Thus far, we've looked at four of them. When the believer leaves this world, he receives-right then and there-his inheritance, his rest, a deep knowledge of Christ, and he comes into the smiling Presence of God. Note the word: smiling! Meeting the Lord is an appalling prospect-unless you're forgiven and accepted for Christ's sake! Which all believers are! It is a fearful thing to fall into ... More >>>

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