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Good Company - by Michael Phillips
A String of Pearls - Part 6 of 14
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Matthew 8:11
Dec 10, 2003 pm - In the fall of 1984, I saw one of my favorite movies. The story, the acting, the humor, the chemistry between the stars, the surprise ending-everything about it was great! Two or three years ago, I watched the movie again and this time I had a different opinion: the story was implausible, the acting was pathetic, the humor wasn't funny, the chemistry between the stars was not there, and the surprise ending was, in fact, predictable. What happened to the movie? Why did it go from great when I first saw it to boring when I watched it the second time? Well, nothing happened to the movie: the change was in me. Or, not really in me, but in the circumstances of watching it. The first time I saw the movie I was with a girl I was in love with (and later married). The second time I saw it I was alone. It wasn't the movie I loved so much, but the one I saw it with. In other words, the movie didn't make the girl great, the girl made the movie great. Moral to the story? The right company will make the worst things good and the wrong company will make the best things bad. What does this say about heaven? It says heaven must be unimaginably great because we not only have the best thing there, ... More >>>

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