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A Phony Welcome - by Michael Phillips
Study in Luke - Part 74 of 94
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Luke 19:28-48
Oct 05, 2003 am - Every year on Palm Sunday joyful sermons are preached on the Lord's Triumphal Entry. The story is told as a high point in His life, as the last happy hour He had on that side of the Resurrection. The story needs re-thinking. If His ride into Jerusalem was such a festive thing, why was He crying all the way? And why didn't the welcome He got raise His spirits? He came to the city in tears and left it with a heart far heavier than before. This is not the last happy hour of His life; it is the beginning of sorrows. BETHANY AND BETHPHAGE The story begins two or three miles east of Jerusalem. The Lord is in a small town called Bethany or maybe it is Bethphage (Luke isn't clear on this). In any event, He tells two of His friends to go into the other town where they will find a young donkey tied up. They're to untie it and bring it back to Him. If anyone calls them on it, they're to reply, "The Lord has need of it". They walk over to the town, find the donkey, untie it, and, the owner says, "What are you doing with my donkey?" They tell him what they're up to, and the man is happy to lend his donkey to the Lord. ON THE ROAD They lead it back to the Lord and something happens, something ... More >>>

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